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Special sale

Special Sale!!! Hot Offers!!! Summer-Sale!!!

Dear Friends and Customers,

from time to time we have single items in Stock, maybe something we did for an exhibition, or something we designed as brandnew item for our shop.
These items are offered here. Mostly brandnew, or just used as presentation items. But here you may get a cheap offer and for special prize!
And don´t forget to come back - to see for some news.
First one who ask will be first one who may get these offers.
All Prizes without shipping costs! We try to do our best to keep site as actual as possible. Be fast - and it´s yours!!

Offer 1

The really unique Design straightjacket "Pirate"

Get 2 Layers powerful soft and extreme nice real Leather in a super colour.
Added nearly 3 inch wide strong leather belts with double buckles
Chest Loop is adjustable, 5 belts at back will leave no doubt and no escape for mad Buccaneers!

Size M ca.

Original Prize 499,- Euro Super offer 459,- Euro
Offer 2

A really special Window Jacket. All PVC Material, Clear Belts Inside white PVC.
Come in and look out!

Original Prize 330,- Euro Special offer only 230,- Euro

Offer 3

Are you a little naughty Baby Girl? But Mommy wants a sweet baby in really thick obvious diapers?
Then this is the right dress up for you. A sweet short baby girls Dress and a wide baby Pants with extra soft thick padding in crotch.
Mommy need 3 Locks to close these Pants with bib on you and make sure your diapers stay on while she has tea with her friends.
She may present you in all your sweetness and the Ladies will spot the diapering you have to wear and need little one
Now waddle for playtime into your playpen and let Mommy have fun...

Size M-L (Locks not included)

Original Prize 289,- Euro - Special Offer 229,- Euro
Offer 4

Our Classic straightjacket with 4 belts at back - but in amazing nice dark red 2 Layers cotton and black belt trim.
Loops at front and sides, crotch belt - all belts are stepless adjustable. As strict as you deserve it!

Size s-m

Original Prize 290,- Euro - now as Super offer only 259,- Euro
Offer 5

The ultimate MUST-HAVE all strict Mommies should have to handle with naughty big babies!
This Jacket comes with extra spreader Pad for perfect treatments. Baby needs to be treated really strict or must be punished and put in place?
Mommy easily can change between two crotchbelts or the spreader with cm size. The Big Baby will be absolutely helpless diapered, babyfied, regressed
Padded baby blue material outside, white soft cotton inside will still keep big baby boys cute - but in place where you belong!
Never mess up with Mommy Darling!!!

Size XL ca.

Original Prize 480,- Euro - Our special offer for this unique Item 450,- Euro
Offer 6

The 2 Layers Cotton with extreme thick strong real Leather belts.
See all these Buckles, Collar, D-Rings and Loops. Get in and never out by yourself.
Feel hugging yourself and know it is nearly unbeatable.
Even the double belts in crotch will comfort you - specially men will enjoy this Design.....

Size M ca.

Original Prize388,- Euro Super offer only 350,- Euro
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