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Special Sale - Offers

Special Sale!!! Hot Offers!!! Summer-Sale!!!

Dear Friends and Customers,

from time to time we have single items in Stock, maybe something we did for an exhibition, or something we designed as brandnew item for our shop.
These items are offered here. Mostly brandnew, or just used as presentation items. But here you may get a cheap offer and for special prize!
And don´t forget to come back - to see for some news.
First one who ask will be first one who may get these offers.
All Prizes without shipping costs! We try to do our best to keep site as actual as possible. Be fast - and it´s yours!!

Top Offer!

We got a retour from last Exhibiton. A super size XL-2 XL size Jacket in nearly branew conditions, with Top Details and Extras, for a super low and special Prize!
2Layers black cotton with quilted inner layer as soft warm comfortable padding.
All Body Beltsystem with 2 completely removeable Crotch straps. Extra a thick padded Crotch Pillow to spread padd and comfort you. This is a sensationla Optional Extra!
D-Rings at shoulders and waist for extra restrictive Options. Belt around Chest and upper Arms will hold you extra thight!!
And the perfect and special Extra - this Jacket has jawteeth Buckles like the famous US Modell. These Buckles are actually extremely rare to get in Europe! So it can be closed stepless and get you extremely nice...
Get it - before somone else does!

Original Prize 441,- Euro - Special offer 375,- Euro (plus shipping)

Offer 1

The absolute highlight of our leather straightjackets!! About 6 Kilo pure Bondage, 2 Layers heavy real leather and a special design awaiting you!

The lots and lots of belt may get you and make you feel helpless! Are you tough enough for it???

Size L

Original Prize 649,- Euro - Special Offer485,- Euro
Offer 2

This is surely one of the most special straightjacket you have ever seen! Green glossy lack Material - and the big "Window" at front chest.
Clear strict belts, white Lack material inside.
Are you a bear with hairy chest or a whimp with Nipple rings? We soon will know this secret!

Size L-XL

Original Prize 330,- Euro - Special offer 230,- Euro
Offer 3

Are you a sweet little girl - a Babygirl, a sissybaby? And are you naughty from time to time and needing a punishment timeout??
Then we have the perfect item for you. This is our new Diaper babygirl Straightjcket-Dress. You may wear it, look still perfectly cute, but als be perfectly enclosed and helpless!!
Mommy may finally have a nice teatime with her friends - and big babygirl you has a nice cornertime!
Let´s play little girl!!

Size M

Original Prize 359,- Euro - Special Offer 229,- Euro
Offer 4

A very special Material - rubberized Cotton in old faschioned heavy rainwear style. With real leather belts - even ready for some wet games!

Größe L-XL

original Prize 329,- Euro - Now only 259,- Euro
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