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Straightjacket - multiple closing at backside

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Straightjacket Modell 2 - multiple closing at backside
This new straightjacket modell is done in specail cut of 2 layers of heavy cotton. this jacket has  a comfortable size and has combination of different closing methods. First we have a  lockable zipper from top to bottom at backside (you will only  need a small padlock to adjust the zipper with 2 eyelets at  bottom), the zip is  covered with a velcroed flap. finally we  have 5 pairs of d-rings addicted in asymetric style with  extra belts so ensure total closure of the new jacket. You´ll  find also d-rings at endings of armpits - even with extra  belt to secure arms at backside. and for best comfortable fit  and high security each No Escape!!! new modell 2 comes with 2  crotch straps! all belts are included. At front the arms can be secured in the extra wide loop - so there is really No Escape!!!
Each jacket will be made by your mesurements - for best snug but high secure and comfotable size!

Prize only € 355,-

For orders we need following numbers from our mesurement list for body:
1, 4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 17, 18
Optionals for Modell 2:
Prizes in €
- more pairs of D-Rings with belts at back
- high collar with D-Ring/Belt closing system
- extra belts around sleeves (max 3 pairs)
- quilted inner layers, max 2 layers possible

- Extra Belt around Chest and upper arms
- D-Rings, pairs (shoulders, waist etc)

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