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Straightjacket Claudia

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Straightjacket Modell "Claudia" - with special belts around upper legs and crotch free
The model "Claudia" got its name after the  first owner of this special straitjacket!
"Claudia" is offered exclusively in this form in a striking black cotton with strong red thread. If you wish a  classic look the jacket can be made in the classical coloured  beige cotton. Also a bicolor version is possible (f.e. white  with black belts). It consists of 2 layer to material and has  the following features as standard: high collar, all around  belt system, specially belt around the torso, 14 D rings,  lateral loops under the shoulders and extra a broad belt around the belly area of the jacket. Of particular interest is the belt system around the thighs which prevent the wearer lifting the jacket  off over their head. Why? It makes the area between the wearers  legs completely accessible!!! A special challenge for  connoisseurs!
Prize only  € 460,-

For orders we need following numbers from our mesurement list for body:
1, 4, 6, 8, 13, 14, 17, 18, 24
Possible Extras/additionals for  Modell "Claudia":
Prize in €
- extra outer  layer in satin (f.e. black, red, yellow)

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