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Prisoners Dress

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Brandnew! Prisoners Dress "Strawberry-chief"

Finally the Prisoners-Dress for our "female" Prisoners!
You need to be imprisoned? Are you a naught Prisoner and criminal Girl at all?
Then you need a matching Dress Dear! Inner Layer in heavy Cotton, Outside PVC Lack Material, printed with your personal Number and Texts, Matching Belt and Restraints, Backside lockable Zipper covered with Velcro Flap, Belts through crotch will interrupt any tries to get out and escape! Short Steel lanes will keep your hand secured and in small movings. Locks are not included. Printings can all be personalized!

Prize: € 380,-

For Ordering we need filled informations from our Mesurement List

Possible Extras for Prisoners Dress:
Prizes in €
- Matching "Hood" with personal Number
- extra high collar with buckle:
- hidden restraints inside the skirt to shorten your steps
Other Extras possible by request

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