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Straightjacket TransZ

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Transport Jacket - Cover over the regular jacket for high security
No Escape!!! now offers a  transport jacket!! As with most of their range it will be made  to measure and in the standard version the body of the jacket  is made from 2 layers of canvas, secured with 4 around the body  straps and a crotch belt with buckles and loops at sides for  guiding unwilling patients. It is not meant to be secure since  you hands could reach the buckles unless they are 'cuffed' in some way but does make a perfect second jacket to wear over a primary jacket
.Prize only  € 205,-

For orders we need following numbers from our mesurement list for body:
1, 4, 6, 9, 13, 14, 17, 18
Possible Upgrades for Modell "Trans-Z":
Prize in €
- additional buckles (maximum 2):
- high collar with buckle40,-
- d-rings in metall (only pairs): each pair
- doble or extra wide crotchbelt 10-20 cm

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