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Bodybag Fur luxus version

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Brandnew!!!  Bodybag super Luxus in heavy cotton and real sheep furry layer!

A special long Bodybag - wit 3 Way zipper from upper legs up to neck. Inside really thick, soft warm fur (made of sheepskinks) outside real thick layer cotton Material.
Even inner sleeves are fully made in fur and a padded a pillow of for to be used between legs is included!
Regular 8 Belts round Body, belt extra for frontfeets,
It will enclose you more and more - strict, restrictive, but also soft and sooo "furry"!
We are the only on actuall worldwide who offers these items in this high quality and made by mesurement and request
Prize begins at  € 1300,-

Extras can be discussed by possibility - fur is natural material, so we reccomend to keep this in mind for your orders!

Feel free to ask for needed mesurements for an order of this item

Possible Extras
Prize in €
Outer lay in other color
- extra belts round Body
- D-Rings (each pair) Only one pair per addicted belt

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