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Handfixingbelt - cotton
This new developed belt is the perfect solution for fixing the hands on back or frontside. the hands will be secured in seperate pockets at the belt and any unwanted use of the hands will be stopped. a combination of velcro and belt at the wrists will keep the hands in a secured position and the seperate pockets will keep the hands well in position. the complete belt is about 20 cm high and it is closed well by velcro and 2 buckles - if the hands are secured in the pockets, they can´t reach the closing of the belt.specially when the hands are secured on the back, it will force the person to keep the back in a nice position (as you see on second picture). Alternativ also in black available.
Prize: only € 142,-

For an order we need following mesures from you:
wristsize and mesurement around belly in cm.
Possible Extras/additionals for Handfixingbelt cotton:
Prize in €
- D-rings at mainbelt: each pair
- extra layer of satin outside

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