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Leather Headcage!

Finally also No Escape offers a lockable headcage. Made in 2.5 mm leather or lacked leather.
The Gear is adjustable with 5 belts  and has lockable buckles (locks not included) – so it can´t be removed if not allowed!
The padding will prevent biting and spitting – or just helps to hold a nice gag in the mouth of your delinquent.
Prizes from € 175,-
Leather Headcage -
        made in 2.5 mm Leather - with bicolor facemask
For an order we need following mesures from you:
all head mesurements from our list!

Possible Extras/additionals for Leather Headcage!:
Prize in €
- Mouthcage in bicolour Style
- Mouthcage extra thick padded
- Penisgag inserted into the Mouthcage
- extra D-Ring at forehead

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