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Made to measure using 6 layers laminated heavy natural canvas. When worn the elbow can not be bent which brings about a sense of undreamt helplessness. The arm corsets are invisible under a jacket or sweater!!! Extra belts can be fitted at the wrist and elbow to join the two corsets together and no doubt if requested the whole thing could be made lockable. Even up to 6 extra vinyl corset strings are possible.
Type 1 has lacing
Type 2 is nearly same as typ 1 - but with velcros to close easy fast and firmly.
Prize   € 98,-

For an order we need following mesures from our body mesurements:
17, 18, 19
Possible Extras/additionals for Armcorsets:
Prize in €
-Coloured satin trim (red or black) is available for the edge
- extra vinyl corsetstrings 10 mm breit, (quantity depends on
 size of the armcorsett): each
- extra belt with buckle (at upper arm and/or handwrist): each

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