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About ourselfs

About us

No Escape!!! has founded 2001 by the owner Torsten Linzer. Beginning was in Flensburg, Germany with just 1 sewing machine and the idea to built perfect and customized medical bondage items and straightjackets at all.
We had to learn much more then simple sewing - saddler works, sailmaker skills and more. Getting highest quality materials, best machines, good leather, and much more was a lot of work.
Finally we did it - and changed from a small unknown manufacture to one of the best worldwide! Our skill is based on fantasie, knowledge and the idea of perfect unique items! We do not do mass products! we do not use cheap materials just to get rich! We do produce all items by ourselfs - really "Made in Germany"!

We also have bee on European Bound-Con in Munich and Vienna. Clients from all over the world come and ask for items made by No Escape!!!
Now we have a small showroom, a big material-store, a nice 40 squaremtre Atelier, 4 different heavy sewing machines and lot of other skills. Working with up to 3 Persons we try our best to make Bondage dreams - or Nightmares! - come true!
Feel free to ask about a realisation of your personal ideas - straightjacket, bodybag or fantastic medical bondage item - made by your idea and your mesurements!

You are welcome at No Escape!!!

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