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Adult-Baby Straightjacket short form

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After long time No Escape!!! designed actually 3 different straightjackets for adult babies. Little brats need to be into restraints, or secured. And they need to be forced into their diapers from time to time - or even more!!!

Adult-Baby Straightjacket short form        
We did a new special adult-baby-straightjacket! This time we made an item specially for thick and big diapered Babies who need to be humiliated by showing maximum of the diapers. The short cut offers a way to show and humiliate the big Baby. 5 loops maxmal for keep arms in position, doble belt through crotch, outside baby style soft fleece, inside frottee, closing at backside with velcro and lacing - now you may lay down on back without hurting yourself! Special buckles, long straps and a sweet nice look. Isn´t it the best way to keep the big baby locked and show everyone  even the big thick diapers? Restrains AND Humiliation - what else do big baby needs???

Prize only  € 296,-

For an order we need following mesures from our mesurelist for body:
1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 17, 18,  24
Possible Upgrades Modell Adult-Baby 3:
Prizes in €
- matching wide Diaper pants, single layer Fleece:
- extra collar with buckle:
- Power up layer in heavy cotton inside the 2 regular layers
- extra pad to be used with crotchbelts for more "Baby-feeling" ca. 2-3 cm thick:
- D-Rings on shoulders:
- matching baby style leg restrains with 25 cm spacer:
- matching sweet baby bonnet:

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