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Frogsuit cotton

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Brandnew at No Escape!!!: Frogsuit cotton
At least No Escape!!! did a few frogsuits - even called fucksuits - for our customers
This is a kind of body with attached bags for legs and arms. We made so much different items in this style, that fixed prizes and versions are nearly impossible. Just imagine to be put into it, you legs will be forced into a bent position, your arms will be also bent or in straightjacket sleeves. Finally you will be totally helples!

Just a short list of possible extras for you:
  • Extra long zipper at front or back, passing through crotch, 3 way zippers possible
  • D-Rings possible at many places - to bind you more or less restrictive
  • lacings, belts
  • paddings, quiltings for more deep feeling
  • high collar, or even attached hood/mask
  • extra wide crotch - for nice longterm diaper games
  • special sleeves that offer auto-play options (you me get in or even out of it allone!)

Feel free to ask for your individual designed frogsuit!

We do these suits in cotton 2 layered minimum.
Prizes begin at: € 362,-
For orders please ask for mesurment list
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