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Bondagesuit cotton/leather

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Bondagesuit cotton/leather

A brandnew item in our stock - a full Bondagesuit!!
For Example we offer the cotton/leather Bondagesuit!
This Suit is made in 2 layers heavy cotton - with real leather applications. Soles, Elbows, Knees and more are powered up with real leather. Long 2 way zipper through crotch - can be opened also just a little bit at front and also be locked with your own padlocks. Additional Belts giving extra security!!!
The long Arms are like a straightjacket, will be guided through loops at sides and fixed at backsindes!

This is just a basic offer - special ideas and wantings can be planned by your ideas! Just ask for your special customized Bondagesuit.

Prize: begins from € 823,-

For orders we will need following mesurements from our list:
 Nummer 1 - 27
Extras and possible Details:
Prize in €
- by request

Follwoing will match with it:
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