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Cagebag standard:
a big cagebag for secured enclosure or  just hanging around! made of heayv canvas belts with closed double  layer bottom. about 70 cm in diameter and 140 cm high. lockable  with a padlock (not included) and closed strong d-rings at  upper end. as extra a belt is added to close the cagebag.  finally the transportable solution for cagelovers!!
Prize € 285,-
Cagebag mini:
only 50 cm in diameter and about 110 cm high
only € 252.-    
Cagebag luxus:
same as cagebag standard but with extra total closed layer at inner or outside (as wanted)
only € 373.-

For an order we need following mesures from our body mesurements:
no mesurements needed
Possible Extras/additionals for Cagebags
Prize in €
- extra stronger bottom for "heavy cases"

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