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Hood cotton

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Full Headmask - cotton - half anatomic
As addition to straightjacket or bodybag - or solo wearing possible

This half anatomic headmask is made of two  layers of heavy canvas and has a triple closing optional.  zipper, eylets and lane and belt with buckle at the neck .   
Only two eylets in front of 5 or 8mm diameter at frontside will give breathing otpion.
When order, please give necksize in cm and wanted size of the eylets  front!!
Prize  € 153,-
Headmask in black with Extras
For an order we need following mesures from you::
all head mesurements from our list!
Possible Upgrades for Cotton Headmask
Prize in €
-  pair of d-rings at collar:
- extra layer of black satin for total darkness inside or as outer layer:

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