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Adult Baby Bouncer

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Brandnew and absolute sweet!!


After lots and lots of requests and some unique modells we just did, now a new "usual" item in our offers.
All of us know these baby-bouncers from real babies. Hänging from ceiligs, in doorways or  outside. Baby is sitting in it, secured, well cared, has fun and under Mommys control.

And now also our big "adult babies" can have this unique and perfect experience. Just fix 2 well secured Ringhooks in the ceiling of your Nursery and get your personal Baby Bouncer done by No Escape!!!
No two will be same - every Bouncer is made by your desires, your mesurments, added with your Extras, even designed inside and outside specially for you. We have decided to go as individual as possible.
Even your Name, Nickname or else can be added!
Or do you like special Printings outside, need PVC for more protecting little wetter? Do Mommy need some D-Rings for fixing naughty Babys hands and legs? Prefer high waited size, a special style?
Just tell us your ideas, your desires, your needs for it. We try all to realize your Big baby Bouncer dreams!

Each basic Bouncer comes in 2 Layers Material, powerfull belted, with D-Rings and Carabine hooks to hang on the Rings you have to install by yourself... and then get lifted, be secured, watched by your proud Mommy... or placed into a punishment and helplessness and total big baby regression place!

Have a look at possible Extras and ask for more details. Specially usual weight is 90 kg - oversized is possible as extra!

Prizes begin at only  € 179,-

For your order we need following mesurements and informations from our body mesurement list:
1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 21, 24  - please take all these mesurments while wearing your usual diaper paddings!
Additional we need your weight and high from ground to ceiling in your nursery where the bouncer shall be used.
Possible Upgrades for Adult baby Bouncer:
Prizes in €
- Quilted layer inside or between inside and outsided Layers45,-
- Printings on Front (Name for Example) - each Letter is only3,-
- inside PVC to give little wetting protections45,-
- D-Rings at sides to fix "naughty hands"11,-
- D-Ring at bottom to fix "naughty feets"6,-
- etxtra 2 cm foam padding in crotch25,-
- Heavy and enforced belt system for Weight over 90 kg40,-
More options by request - feel welcome to ask for

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