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Adult-Baby Straightjacketbody

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 After long time No Escape!!! designed actually 3 different straightjackets for adult babies. Little brats need to be into restraints, or secured. And they need to be forced into their diapers from time to time - or even more!!!

Adult-Baby Straightjacketbody
We did a new and specially childish-looking straightjacket again.This was our first intention -  to have a jacket made for you - the big babies at all. The body style with extra high and wide diaper covering pant area. You may be kept in really huge thick diapers underneath - there is a wide space for it  inside this soft sweet and smooth jacket. It is made in 2 layers of fleece material, comes with 3/4 zipper at backside to get in easily. 4 small cute belts may lock the jacket well. the short collar will keep you warm and secured. with the 2 loops at backside your arms will be kept well when it is used as Straightjacket. But also the nearly baby Body use is possible. At Ends of the arms are just D-Rings. So Mommy can let you just play - a little handicapped, but still secured. Or you can be fixed well and strict if you are a little brat and it will be needed to keep you in line! Isn´t it sweet? Nearly 20 cm wide crotch will be for sure enough to cover your thick diapers - and you will be into your place - with NO ESCAPE!!!  Each Jacket will be done by mesurement. Colors and materials may be requested.
Prize € 329,-

For an order we need following mesures from our mesurelist for body:
1, 4, 6, 8, 13, 14, 17, 18,  24
Upgrades for Modell Adult-Baby 2:
Prize in €
- extra D-Rings at shoulder or waist:
- extra padding in crotch for more "Baby-feeling" ca. 2-3 cm thick:
- extra quilting at lower arm/hands for much more helplessness:
- Name Letters sewn on at Chest, each Letter:
- matching baby style leg restrains with 25 cm spacer:
- matching sweet baby bonnet:

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