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Slaveshorts PVC

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Slavehorts heavy PVC
Made in heavy  thick pvc: perfect solution for bad slaves or diaperwearers.  the stiff and heavy material will be glued and sewn - there is  no pardon!!! the material can be washed by hand - small  messings can be cleand fast. these shorts can be locked (at  waist and even at leghole) - getting out without keys will be impossible. and even the zip can be locked - there is no escape!!!.
the wide between crotch is choosable between 5  and 80  cm - even biggest diapers will be possible in these  shorts. Colors: black, red, yellow and shiny green.
made by your mesurements in maximum 2 colors.
Prize € 153,-

For an order we need following mesures from our body mesurements:
6, 7, 8, 24
Possible Extras/additionals for Slavehorts heavy PVC:
Prize in €
- extra zip between legs

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