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Bodybag heavy PVC

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Bodybag heavy PVC in 2 layers
This is our  brandnew bodybag in bicolor PVC material. It comes in 2 heavy layers - so inside and outside is in smooth shiny PVC material of about 1 mm  each layer. Insinde we got pockets for the arms as usual. This bag  will make you sweat my dear! It is not totally waterproof - but can beat  wet games without directly ruin the material. A Must-have for  PVC-lovers and a perfect alternative to rubber or leather. Comes  usually with long zipper and lacing to keep you in tight and secure. Made by mesurement!!
Prize begins at  € 593,-

For an order we need following mesures from you::
total high, around neck, around Chest, Belly, hips  (with/and also around arms), around both upper legs, around both knees,  around both lower legs, around both ankles, around upper arm, lenght of  feet
Possible Upgrades for Bodybag Lackstoff
Prizes in €
- high collar:
- sewn on D-Rings, each pair:
- 7 extra leather belts and also matching loops at bag:
-3-way-zip to get access to your sectret areas:
-2 cm Padding layer soft rubber foam material inbetween
- other Extras by request

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