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Bodybag Cotton

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Bodybag in heavy cotton

Full length bodybag in  the form of a mummy sleeping bag. Made of heavy canvas.Internal sleeves for the occupants arms ensure complete restriction and totally helpless feeling. Very high quality - Made in Germany  with pride for your pleasure and frustration .

Different closing systems:
a.  zipper & eyelets/lacing
b. zipper & 7 Belts with rollerbuckles
c. zipper, 7 belts & eyelets/lacing

Each Bodybag is custom made to your specification, body  measurements and any one of the sealing systems above can be  specified or you can combine them. It is strongly recommended  that at least 2 of the methods are used for total efficiency,  Where a zipper is specified a cover zipper with cover is  supplied. Eyelets with 5 mm internal diameter are individually pressed and sealed into the cloth. Order time is approx.14-21 days as the  the zippers are individually and custom made.
The Bodybag is now available with a 2 way zipper.  So now you can close your Bodybag up to the neck and have the  feet or other areas wide open for torment *ggg*
The zipper is also lockable using a metal eyelet and a button or padlock to secure it closed. All locks are supplied at extra cost depending on specification set by you.
Prizes from € 318,-

zipper & 7 Belts with rollerbuckles:   € 379,50
zipper, 7 belts & exelets: € 369,-  € 423,50

For an order we need following mesures from you:
total high, around neck, around Chest, Belly, hips (with/and  also around arms), around both upper legs, around both knees, around  both lower legs, around both ankles, around upper arm, lenght of feet
Possible Upgrades for Bodybag in Cotton:
Preis in €
- high collar with belt:
- 2 layers of Cotton - instead of 1 layer
- additonal quilted layer (1 or 2 possible): only for double layer bags!
- extra d-rings at sides, shoulders (only in combination with belts!!)  each pair:
- additional belts (max. 12 belts for 190 cm length of bag):
- small extra zip at cheast orcrotch area:

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