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Frequently asked questions
Dear friends and customers,
here you will find frequently asked questions and answers. Feel free to see if your questions maybe have answered by us before:

How do I find best mesurements and sizes for a new No Escape!!! item?
Easily - just see the needed mesurements for each item in the description. Take mesurements from the lists and sent them. We will do best to give your item perfect size and fit for you!

May I get No Escape!!! in any shops?
We have a few shops selling No Escape!!! Items.

I have my own idea in mind - may you from No Escape!!! help me to realize my dreams?
This is our special skill! No Escape!!! tries all to realize customers ideas, make your dreams come true, built real medical Bondage dreams - or nightmares ;-)

Where does No Escape!!! gets the materials
We only buy high quality materials - in Germany or Europe - no cheap leather, no cheap materials! And we do all items really "Made in Germany"

May I pay per rates for my items?
We offer this option for more expensive items. But we begin no item before material isn´t paid - we don´t sent items before payment has fully arrived!

May I visit you for taking mesurements and planning my special items?
Sure - you are welcome for it. But please remind to do an appiontment before. So we may guarantee to have time for you at all.

Do you have items in stock? How long do I have to wait for my order?
Usually we have a few items in our showroom. But for our sorry not all items in all sizes. Remind - we do customized work! For every order we tell an exact time-schedule and mostly be faster then planned.

Can I just borrow an item from No Escape!!! - a straightjacket for example?
We do not borrow items to private persons. Only from time to time film crews or theates may get this favour.

Just want to come to your place and have fun in a straightjacket... may I visit you?
Sorry - but no!

Where do you built you items?
We really do the items by ourselfs - a real "Made in Germany"

How do you sent items?
We do use DHl-Service usually. We do not mark our packages with any No Escape!!! marks - sending neutral packages is much better, isn´t it?

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