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Adult Baby special restrictive bonnets

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New at No Escape!!!:  Specia restrictive regressing Ab Bonnets -  PVC Adult Baby

To regress your big baby you may need special items and dressups. Like our restrictive Bonnets in PVC.
Covered inside and outside in medical PVC it is well protecting drooling, bad eating habits and also some other wet and messy accidents.
Big Babys view will be well reduced to forward front, a special pacifier holder is optionally possible, Sunnprotection, regression look and sweet adoreable babyfaces are easily done.
See other Mommies become jealous when spotting you with baby in the zoo, the park or playyards. And if needed, baby may mess with the formula without any damages, but lots of needed humiliations
Prize starts at    € 89,-

For orders we may ask for mesurements - and offer lot extras

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