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Hood Leather

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Fullmask in real thick leather!
Real cow leather (about 1,5 - 2 mm thick)

This speacial restrictive mask is made in  real leather with extra storng sewing. Closeable at backside as seen with extra strap at neck. every mask comes with removable  eyeflap and chooseable closed mouth and nose or mouth area  free or with metal eyelet (8 or 5  mm wide)
Color of rope is chooseable (red, black, white, pink, yellow)
comes in s, m, l or xl sizes
Prize: € 131,-

For an order we need following mesures from you:
all head mesurements from our list!
Possible Upgrades for the Leather mask:
Prize in €
- closed d-rings  (ca. 2,5 cm inner size)  in metall , for example at sides, collar: each
- extra inner satin layer:

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