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TranzZ BiColor real leather

Made by a customers request who wanted a matching Transport jacket for his No Escape!!! Bicolor leather Straightjacket.

This may fullfill your dream of being enclosed totall in real heavy and stylish leather!!! Perfect matching with our Stragithjacket in Bicolor real leather!!!
The basic modell of this transport jacket has 4 belts around body and crotchbelt. More additional belts and Extras are possible - see pics and list below!!!

Prize: € 368,-

For orders we need following mesurement from lists from our homepage:
1, 4, 6, 9, 13, 14
Possible Extras for TransZ Leder:
Prize in €
- more belts around body (max 2 more belts possible)
- high collar with extra belt
- D-Rings f.e. shoulders, waist etc..(each pair)
- crotchbelt extra wide (10-20 cm) or double belts

following is matching to it:
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