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We found a very amazing painting and realized the idea - making our brandnew diapersafe!!!
You will be diapered and totally locked into your diapers with it!!! And everybody can see your nice thick humiliating diapers little Babyslave!!!
Made in 2 layers of extra thick material, with big windows at front and backside - so Mistress or Mommy, Nanny or Master - we all cans see your secured diapers. The chestharness makes it inescapeable. When the 10 small padlocks (not included) are locked, you will be secured into your diapers and into this amazing safe. Inescapeable be diapered as long as you need it...

Prize begins at € 379,-

For Ordering we need following Mesurements from our list:
1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11 - please take mesurements with diapers on!!
Possible Extras:
Prizes in €
- Other colors and Extras by request

following will match with it:
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