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Straightjacket Lackpower

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Brandnew! Straightjacket Lack-Power!

A very special Body styled straightjacket
2 Layers (inner and outer side) extra heavy PVC - and inbetween a layer of restrictive cotton to power up the material!
From outside it looks like a body with shorts - but it´s a total in one jacket. Open the crotchbelt, find the addicted shorts underneath. See the long zip in chrotch and at backside, Lots of belts, zipper at backside and the feeling of the soft material,  but still you know it - you are imprisoned, helpless and there is No  Escape!!!

Prize only  € 570,-

Für eine Bestellung benötigen wir folgende Maßanganben aus unserer Meßliste Körper:
1, 4, 6, 8, 13, 14, 17, 18, 24
Possible Upgrades for Modell Lackpower:
Prize in €
- D-Rings, a pair (shoulders, hips or somewhere else)

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