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Straightjacket - with lacing

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Straightjacket with lacing
The model 5 straitjacket is fantastic for long term restraint and laying down. 2 layers to material and additionally  up to4 more on the seam-edges, to ensure it does not rub delicate skin (isn't that  kind?). Naturally they are not that kind and the model 5 has  the traditionally arm restraint loop on the chest. Extras?  high standing collar (8-15 cm). Very wide crotch strap. D-rings. Quilting cotton wool layer inside or outside or both. All around belt with hole eyes in upper arm height. Free  choice of colour edge e.g. red, yellow, black,  beige,  clean-white, grey, green, blue without surcharge!!!

Prize only  € 240,-

For orders we need following numbers from our mesurement list for body:
1, 4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 17, 18

Possible Upgrades for Modelll 5:
Prizes in €
- high collar with extra eyelets:
- crotchbelt doubled or extra wide10-20 cm:
- D-rings in pairs (f.e. at shoulders): each pair
- quilt-cotton wool-laminate:
- all around Chestbelt with eyelets:

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