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"Flathands" - heavy leather mitts
these heavy mitts will keep your hand forced into a flat position. the leahter is  made in 2 layers - reaching about 4 mm thickness. trough the eyerlets a good air circulation is possible - but nothing else.  The "flathands" will keep your hands helpless and away from touching anything. Feel the maximum of helplessness!
Prize only  € 197,-
"Flathands" singlelayer - each layer will be only 2.5 mm              
Prize only € 164.-

For an order we need following mesures from you:   
around wrists and legth of hand
Possible Extras/additionals for "Flathands":
Prize in €
- D-Ringe at wrists - each pair
- -Ringe at "Fingertipps" - each pair
- Belt around wrist with 8 mm eyelets instead of buckle - for use with a lock
- alternativ Leathercolor or stitching by request

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