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Corsett skirt

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Corsetskirt heavy PVC
as addition to our  pvc corsetts, No Escape!!! now offers this amazing ankle long  corsett skirt. strict and elegant with buckles and short eyelet  lane at the front and a full length eyelet corsetlane at the  backside. a removable flap can be adjusted under the backside  lacing to cover all or let have a nice backview. made by mesurement with nylon corset strings, this fantastic skirt will not only fix the lady insde! This is a real must have for corset  lovers. also  available: the corsettcollar or the complete  enseble for extra price!
made in all available pvc colors. ask for more informations. special price for complete corset ensemble
Prize € 329,-

For an order we need following mesures from our body mesurements:
please ask for needed mesures and available colors
Possible Extras/additionals for corsetskirt heavy PVC
Prize in €
- inner cotton layer
- double layer pvc

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