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Straightjacket - two layer system

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Straightjacket Modell 4 - 2 layer system straightjacket   
A master piece of a  straitjacket based on an old drawing - This superb jacket is  really a straitjacket AND a transport camisole in one piece  and offers an undreamt feeling of helpless restriction. The pleasure of luxury need not be expensive where there is amazing value and quality. The Model 4 is a pure luxury device for the most  intense mental and physical experiences. Construction - 2 laminates forming the jacket and  camisole are of heavy cotton and are firmly attached  together by broad seam
The internal layer is a normal straitjacket with long sleeves, which  wrap around the body and fasten at the rear

  • The outside layer is sleeveless, like a bag over  the top of the  interior jacket. The normal additional  loop at chest level becomes redundant, as the wearer  cannot lift their arms out from between  the firm embrace  of the outer layer.
  • High neck opening to offer a better look and more security    
  • The multi layer approach gives a previously undreamt feeling of  security    
  • 6 firmly sewn belts are used to secure the outer jacket
  • This top of the range jacket has lateral loops, to hold the carriers firmly
  • 4 solid D rinds are fitted to give attachment points     
  • Very firmly sewn - two or three times      

  • Prrize only  € 415,-

    For orders we need following numbers from our mesurement list for body:
    1, 4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 17, 18
    Possible Upgrades for Modell 4:
    Prizes in €
    - additional belts with buckles (max. 2 possibel) each:
    - high collar with belt/buckle
    -- quilt-cotton wool-laminatet as padding layer
    - d-rings, in pairs only: each pair
    - double or extra wide crotch belt 10-20 cm:

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