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Straightjacket Bicolor Leather

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Straightjacket "Bicolor Leather"
Finally also we offer a real thick  leather straightjacket. Made in 2bicolor style, high quality  leather 1.6-1.8 mm thickness. 5 heavy leather belts at back,  crotchbelt, belt at armpits, adjustable front loop - all in  real thick leather! A stylish and heavy jacket for YOU!
Prize: only € 460,-

For orders we need following numbers from our mesurement list for body:
1, 4, 6, 13, 14, 17, 18
Possible UpgradesBicolor Leder:
Prize in €
- high collar with belt all around   
- double Crotchbelt
- extra D-Rings at jacket  /Z.B. an den Schultern), price per pair
- real leather belt around chest

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